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The Philosophy of Human Nature

A Magnificent Course by Dennis Bonnette, Ph.D.

- Professor of Thomistic Philosophy -
- Co-founder of the Aquinas School of Philosophy with Dr. Raphael Waters -

• You will not have an adequate understanding of Ethics (how man ought to behave) unless you have a proper understanding of Human Nature (what man is).

• You will be astonished at all there is to learn, how fascinating it is, and how helpful this Course is to everyday life!

Our Catholic formation is deficient without a
knowledge and understanding of Thomistic Philosophy

Dr. Bonnette has a genius for making the complex easy to understand.

Topics covered:

The Nature of Life • The Unity of Living Beings • True and False Views of Human Nature • Answers to Errors in Modern Philosophy • The Central Contribution of Aristotle and Aquinas • The Perils of a Materialistic Approach to Human Nature • The Five External Senses • The Four Internal Senses • Difference Between Intellect and Sensation • Difference Between the Image and the Concept • Intellect: The Spiritual Faculty of Understanding • Distinction Between Immaterial and Spiritual • The Immortality of the Soul Proved by Reason • So-called “Ape Language”: Proof that Animals do not possess Intelligence • The Human Will • Emotions and Volition • The Falsehood of “Reincarnation”,
much more...

25 audio CDs plus a CD of Dr. Bonnette’s Course Notes...

A General Overview of Philosophy - 2 CD set - by Dr. Raphael Waters
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Be part of the what we hope to be a much-needed Thomistic revival in the Church.

“Dr. Bonnette is one of the most logical teachers I’ve ever known. His courses on
Thomistic Philosophy are magnificent. He is especially gifted in showing
the manifold errors of atheism and the errors of scientific materialism,
and how this spills over to a false understanding of human nature. He
is espeically gifted in giving the student every link in the chain of reasoning
that brings the students to clear conclusions.”
– John Vennari, Catholic Family News

  • Course: The Philosophy of Human Nature (plus free bonus set by Dr. Waters)
    Course: The Philosophy of Human Nature (plus free bonus set by Dr. Waters)