Brand New from the Aquinas School of Philosophy


St. Thomas Aquinas’ Five Ways to
Prove the Existence of God

by Dennis Bonnette, Ph.D.,
Professor of Philosophy
a mini course on audio CD

Learn the classic proofs:
1) Proof From Motion
2) Proof From Efficient Causality
3) Proof from Possibility and Necessity
4) Proof from Gradation (Degrees of Perfection)
5) Proof from Governance (Finality)

A master of metaphysics, Dr. Bonnette explains the Five Ways, and exposes the fallacies of the latest objections to these proofs from scientific materialists and modern philosophers. Magnificent!

Your Catholic formation is not complete with a knowledge of the Five Ways.

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“Dr. Bonnette is one of the most logical teachers I’ve ever known. His courses on
Thomistic Philosophy are magnificent. He is especially gifted in showing
the manifold errors of atheism and the errors of scientific materialism.”
– John Vennari,
Catholic Family News

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