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Thomism and Neo-Modernism
by Dr. John Lamont
Although the progressive opponents of Thomism were hostile to philosophy, their attack on Thomism was not a purely negative one; it had the purpose of displacing Thomism and the Catholic philosophical heritage generally, in order to replace them with their own views. These views, which revived essential elements of the modernist heresy of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, need to be grasped in order to understand the current situation of Thomism and of the Church generally... click here

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An magnificent introduction and overview of Philosophy - free when you order now
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The Science of Ethics
Aquinas School of Philosophy

A logical, systematic exposition.
Cuts through the modern confusion that surrounds us!
Answers vital questions you need to know, such as:
• What is Ethics?, Is Ethics a science?, Are human acts free?, Rights, obligations: what are they?, What rule governs how we ought to act?, What is law?
• What is conscience?, What does it mean to “follow your conscience”?, What are the various kinds of law?, much more -
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"I cannot recommend this course highly enough. Dr. Bonnette is a superb teacher. Absolutely first rate!"
- John Vennari, Catholic Family News

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The Philosophy of Human Nature


A Great Course by Dennis Bonnette, Ph.D.
- Professor of Thomistic Philosophy -
- Co-founder of the Aquinas School of Philosophy with Dr. Raphael Waters -

You will not have an adequate understanding of Ethics (how man ought to behave) unless you have a proper understanding of Human Nature (what man is). - click here

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St. Thomas Aquinas’ Five Ways to
Prove the Existence of God

by Dennis Bonnette, Ph.D.,
Professor of Philosophy
a mini course on audio CD

Learn the classic proofs:
1) Proof From Motion
2) Proof From Efficient Causality
3) Proof from Possibility and Necessity
4) Proof from Gradation (Degrees of Perfection)
5) Proof from Governance (Finality)

A master of metaphysics, Dr. Bonnette explains the Five Ways, and exposes the fallacies of the latest objections to these proofs from scientific materialists and modern philosophers. Magnificent!

Your Catholic formation is not complete with a knowledge of the Five Ways.

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Two New Audio CD Titles

On Objective Truth and the Failures of Scientific Materialism
By Dr. Dennis Bonnette
Two Brilliant lectures on the nature of objective truth, and the many failures of atheism and scientific materialism that completely descedit atheistic systems. Learn the vital questions that materialism fails to answer. (two audio CDs)

Euthanasia, Vital Organ Transplants and 'Do Not Resuscitate' Orders
By Dr. Raphael Waters
A masterful expose of the evils of these new medical practices. Dr. Waters gives the solid, Thomisitic teaching of how these new practices are against both natural law and divine law. (two audio CDs)

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Dr. Dennis Bonnette, Professor of Philosophy

New Series of Lectures in Thomistic Philosophy

Foundations of Metaphysics
By Dennis Bonnette, Ph.D.
Co-founder of the Aquinas School of Philosophy with Dr. Raphael Waters
11 Audio CDs & CD of course notes
A lecture series on fundamental principles and teaching
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Testimonials for Dr. Waters & Dr. Bonnette:

“It was uplifting to be hear such a fine erudite man as Dr. Waters, and for a glorious few minutes I felt like a citizen in the realm of Christendom!” – E.V., Philadelphia, PA

“Dr. Waters reminds me of the Book of Deuteronomy's description of the aged Moses: ‘His eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated’." – J.B., Post Falls, ID.

“These philosophy courses are a constant companion in my car.”, P.L., La Cross, WI

"This is the formation in true philosophy all of us should have had. It helps me in every area of my life. Both Dr. Waters and Dr. Bonnette are outstanding!" - J. D., Los Angeles, CA

See also article by Dr. Waters:
From Slavery to Economic Freedom



  "We admonish professors to bear well in mind that they cannot set aside St. Thomas,
especially in metaphysical questions, without grave disadvantage."
- Pope St. Pius X, Pascendi (Against the Modernists)

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